Christian Sexual Positions

Christian sexual positions?

Many Christian couples have asked the question, what sexual positions are acceptable and available for Christians? Is the missionary position the only Christian sexual position allowed, or can Christian husband and wife enrich their marriage and explore new and interesting ways of making love?

A Position of Respect…

Certainly, Christian sex should always hold each partner in high esteem and honor, and no sexual positions or practices should ever be forced upon your husband or wife to satisfy your own lust or curiosity. Both partners should always be comfortable and desire to try new ways and positions. Remember, you are making love, not just having sex.

A Position of Selflessness…

The marriage bed should remain undefiled by selfishness, yet always remain open to minister lavish sensual satisfaction to our Christian husband or Christian wife. If we always keep our partners pleasure in mind, the proper boundaries for sexual expression and experimentation will be in place.

A Position of Trust…

As you build trust in your relationship you will be able to talk about different things you would like to try, what you enjoy, what turns you on, and conversely what turns you off and makes you feel uncomfortable or used. Be open as a couple to explore new ideas, and enjoy the journey toward physical and spiritual intimacy.

Solomon’s Advice  For Sexy Christians

Of course, the Bible does not explicitly specify Christian sexual positions, but certainly does not condemn or stipulate how, where and when Christian man and wife should enjoy the marital pleasures of love making. In fact, the Song of Solomon, nested toward the centre of our Bible, describes intimate encounters of man and wife in poetic yet graphic detail. Erotic wordplay indicates that the couple kiss, taste and caress one another all over each others naked body. They clearly are exploring each other’s body in detailed and passionate ways. You can too.

A Position of Creativity and Blessing…

Be encouraged and delighted in one another. Be set free to explore together wonderful ways to enjoy Christian sexual positions and intimate encounters with your chosen husband or wife. The marriage bed is a place where you get to know one another in beautiful ways, and God’s hand of blessing rests upon you as you do.

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