The Marriage Bed
Christian Sex Guide

An Uncompromising and Liberating Guide
To Great Sex In Your Christian Marriage

Christian Sex and Intimacy in Christian Marriage

Christian husband and wife (or husband and wife to be) -
Do you know what the Bible has to say about
Christian sex and intimacy in marriage?

You may be surprised and encouraged
when you choose to take a look.


Consider these wonderful truths, which you can claim on behalf of your own marriage and relationship.

God does not condemn sexual intimacy as dirty or wrong – He celebrates it as something wonderful. It is His marriage gift to man and wife.

Great sex and sensitive, satisfying love-making in marriage is encouraged throughout Scripture. Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed, and you and your spouse can enjoy this kind of beautiful marital freedom too!

The Bible does not cheapen sex to a mere physical act, but recognises that it involves the whole being, and reveals the spiritual delights awaiting married couples as well as the joyful and pleasurable physical experience of love making.

The Bible reveals how our bodies belong to each other, as Christian husband and wife, to be honoured, cherished, protected and enjoyed as we explore what brings pleasure and fulfilment to our lifelong partner.

We discover that it is trust and fidelity that provides a solid foundation for fantastic sexual experience together as we feel secure to open ourselves without fear, condemnation or shame.


Beautiful Intimacy

‘The Marriage Bed – An Uncompromising Guide to Christian Sex and Intimacy in Marriage’ is designed to open these Scriptural truths to couples, and enrich their lives through the living Word of God concerning the intimate areas of their Marriage Covenant.


The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed

Find Out…

  • That at the very heart of the Bible is a book that revels in the delights of sexual love between a loving husband and wife.
  • How God has designed men and women to perfectly compliment one another, and why it is important to understand the sexual chemistry of your husband or wife to enjoy the fullest expression of physical affection and sexual love in your marriage.
  • How to develop a loving trust within your marriage in the sexual arena, so your love and its expression in the bedroom can grow, develop and blossom year upon year.

Christian teaching about sex is liberating andf honouring to both Christian husband and Christian wife

Incorrect Teachings have robbed many of the full joy of sexual intimacy in Christian Marriage

False or incorrect church teachings over the decades have led to much confusion in in the area of sex in a Christian context, often misapplying the Bible’s strong stance on illicit sexual activity and using it to discourage healthy enjoyment and exploration within the Covenant relationship called marriage. Such discouragement for those who have committed themselves to each other before Him in holiness was never God’s intention.

In reality the Bible distinctly celebrates the delights of marriage, whilst warning against the spiritual and physical dangers of sexual activity outside of lifelong covenant, but wholeheartedly endorsing sexual exploration and enjoyment within it.

God has provided loving boundaries for our protection and pleasure as man and wife

Thankfully there are boundaries, designed by our loving Creator, to ensure appropriate conduct as we explore the pleasures of physical intimacy with our wife or husband.

Husbands are commanded to love their wives as their own bodies for example – caring, protecting and cherishing them, not abusing and selfishly using them to gratify their own sexual desires or fantasies. Thank God for such guidelines that help us steer a true and honourable course in the midst of a sex-soaked and perverted society that has cheapened the sexual act and the female body in particular in a manner never intended by God. (Ephesians 5:28-30)

Likewise, wives are encouraged to willingly offer themselves to their husband, becoming for him an ever fresh fountain of intimacy and sexual satisfaction as he delights in her as God’s gift to his life. (Proverbs 5:15-19)

When the foundations are in place the fruit of emotional closeness and sexual satisfaction will follow

the marriage covenant - the love foundation for a wonderful relationshipFor so many the spiritual foundation and Scriptural foundations have never been properly laid for full and unashamed expressions of love in the physical area of marriage. ‘The Marriage Bed’ helps to place sex and intimacy in Christian marriage in its proper context within the relationship as a whole, and encourages you as a married couple to properly communicate so that this area, as well as all others, can become a place of real pleasure and intimacy for both of you to enjoy.

‘The Marriage Bed’ also recognises that there are practical (and personal) issues that surround the act of lovemaking that are rarely spoken of in a Christian context.

We are not called to glean our sexual education from the twisted images of Hollywood, or from the unreal world of advertising, and most certainly not from the abusive world of pornography. In the Bible, we have a handbook, as well as a loving spiritual guide called the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us to lead us in to all truth – including the truths concerning Christian sex and the joy of Christian marriage.

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Find out today…

What the Bible says about oral sex (you may be surprised)

What Christian sexual positions are appropriate and enjoyable (with tasteful illustrations and suggestions to invigorate your Marriage Bed)

How to honour one another and protect your marriage from unhealthy and destructive sexual influences and activities.

How you as a Christian husband can affirm the beauty and value of your wife as God’s precious gift to you, and allow her to blossom as you freely minister to her sexual and emotional needs as her chosen and loving partner for life.

How you as a Christian wife can confirm the manhood and strength of your husband, and bring out the raw qualities of his manly nature that will ravish your heart.


Pastor David Martin, author of ‘The Marriage Bed’…

“In part, ‘The Marriage Bed – An Uncompromising and Liberating Guide to Christian sex and Intimacy in Marriage’ was written in response to the confusing mix of information on the Internet concerning Christian sexuality and practice. This spiritual and practical manual for sexual intimacy expertly strikes a proper balance between the prudish denial of sexual enjoyment as a legitimate and God ordained expression of love within marriage on the one hand (something that has killed many marriages), and the unscriptural and frankly unholy liberal teachings found elsewhere that cheapen sex, and embrace and encourage practices that are not endorsed by Scripture.

The information you will discover in ‘The Marriage Bed’ lays proper foundations and frameworks for continually deepening intimacy in your relationship with your Christian wife or husband, and for lifelong enjoyment of one another at every level – spirit, soul and body.

Rarely will you find such balanced yet liberating perspectives on sex and intimacy in marriage, coupled with such explicit yet tasteful practical advice.”

Investing in the most valuable areas of our lives

So often we invest in other areas of our education and development. We pay for training at work, in school or university. We invest in our hobbies and self development, yet rarely, if ever, invest in the most important areas of our present and future happiness. Don’t take your husband or wife for granted – take the initiative today to invest in your mutual enjoyment and growth in the sexual areas of your marriage. God’s will is that your sex life becomes a delight to your both.

Make a quality decision to invest this small amount and reap big rewards as you grasp new insights and sexual skills that will wonderfully enrich your intimate times together for years to come.

Here is what one reader had to say about the book…

“I have been greatly blessed by the Marriage Bed Manual! As soon as I purchased it, I put it to the test and PRAISE GOD it works!! I gained much understanding and the delivery of information with delightful. I felt pure and joyful that what my eyes were reading was pleasing to my Creator. Thank you brother, thank you sister in Christ. I’m once again in pursuit of adventures with my half in this walk of faith called marriage!!” xoxox Millie S



The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed

God’s Plan For Your Marriage

God has great plans for you and your marriage – you are one flesh and you have a destiny to fulfil in His Kingdom together. Part of that destiny is that you enjoy a love making experience that will never grow boring or unfulfilling.

Sexual pleasure ministered with God’s endorsement and anointing by the one you love will validate your immeasurable worth as a wife or husband, and ongoing communication together about the deepest and most vulnerable areas of your being, without feeling shame or fearing rejection, will further deepen the bonds of love you already share.

Written together with his wife, by a happily married husband and father of three, who is also an experienced pastor and church minister, ‘The Marriage Bed’ is a passionate and honest response to the questions and concerns shared by many Christian couples. The beautifully written and illustrated manual provides clear answers, and keys that will help married couples everywhere enjoy and revel in the sexual expression of their love for one another, just as God intended.

Buy it today and be greatly encouraged.

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‘The Marriage Bed Guide To Christian Sex and Intimacy’ is perfect for:

  • Married couples (especially Christian husbands and wives)
  • Those who engaged to be married.
  • Christian friends who are just married (it makes a very fruity and helpful gift to newly weds)
  • Pastors and leaders who need quality Christian resources to help couples in their congregations who need marital advice.
  • Those with honest questions about the Christian teachings about sex and intimacy in marriage.

Please Note: ‘The Marriage Bed‘ contains information of an explicit adult nature. It is clean, holy and Biblical, but not shy!



The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed


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I pray God’s blessing on you and your marriage – may it be and become all that He intended!


The Marriage Bed

The Marriage Bed

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